About us

Welcome to the Lead Your Future platform. The place where young female talent and role models from the business world can find each other seamlessly! A place where both can build a (personal) network to learn from and inspire each other.


Why participate?
Step into the world of young female talent today as a company. Let us know how you as a company contribute to the Social Development Goals (SDGs) and dare to say in plain language why your company is so inspiring for these talents. Help them build a practical curriculum by providing training and workshops so that they can continue to develop their skills regardless to the study of their choice. We call that Learn your Future!


What can you expect in return?
Since the War for talent has shifted to "Collaborate with talent!", This is your chance to let young female talent, ages 15-24, know that your company exists and that you have a lot to offer them. Lead Your Future is the way to find out how the creativity of young female talents can contribute to entrepreneurship and new (social) innovations within your company. Who says no to that!


How can I participate?
Participating is simple; determine the level of your participation based on the overview below and send an email to info@leadyourfuture.nl. If you do not know what to chose, please let us know at this e-mail address. We are more then happy to help you within 1 day to ensure that you can also make a difference.


Wat does it cost?

Participation in lead Your Future is possible by taking out an annual subscription. This can be done in three different ways.


Package 1: 

The costs for the basic package are € 7,450  and are comprise the following:

  1. Your company profile in the Lead Your Future platform (incl. 2 role models)
  2. Insight into all participating talents, companies and role models
  3. Data report of your own company available on your personal page 
  4. Extra online publicity from Lead Your Future regarding collaboration *
  5. Attending a talent college (given by talents to companies)
  6. Participation in Business college (by companies to talents)

* Joint publicity via platform, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram


Package 2:

We also offer you the option to expand the above subscription with the Lead Your Future event agenda service. You will be given the opportunity to post the events that you organize together with Lead Your Future on our platform. The amount of this annual subscription (basic package and extra service) is then € 9,450.


Package  3:

If, in addition to the talent and business college, you also want to participate in our annual Lead Your Future event and receive the Lead Your Future 21st Century dashboard, the annual subscription is € 14,950. This subscription contains all the above components.


Have we inspired you and would you like to register? Let us know at info@leadyourfuture.nl

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