About us

Welcome to the Lead Your Future platform! The place where young female talent and role models from the business world can find each other without barriers! A place where both can build a (personal) network to learn from and inspire each other.


With this unique talent platform we initiate a first movement for you and other young women. A movement to get the most out of your talents. Talents you may not even know you had. Everyone has a talent, but finding out where it comes into its own can sometimes be quite difficult. For any reason.


Lead Your Future believes in the power of talented young women. Origin, ethnicity, education or study play no role in this. In collaboration with our broad network and that of large companies and governments, we give you that extra helping hand for the future. Our ambition? Become the largest network and platform for young female talent!


We, Stella and Marie-Claire, thought it was high time for a fresh, new community. We link, connect, support, organise, inspire and empower you as a young talent to seize opportunities and gain direct experience in the profession you are interested in. 24/7 on one platform. We push boundaries. Don't think in boxes. Can be a bit contradictory at times. But always listen to what you really want, now and in the future.


Bring on your talent!

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