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We are Lead Your Future, a community full of ambitious students. This is the place to be, to gain experience in order to develop yourself in the workfield.


Everyone has a talent. Sometimes you just haven't quite figured out what that talent is or how you can use it. Origin, ethnicity, education or study? We make no distinction. Lead Your Future believes in the power of talented young female students.


Companies are often looking for fresh input from the next generation, yes from you, to get out of that old way of thinking that is too often used. Through masterclasses, events, projects and side jobs, we ensure that we bring out and strengthen your talents. Because believe it or not, those refreshing talents are highly needed in many companies.

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Our ambition? Become the largest network for young female talent! The bigger the network, the more chance to connect, support, inspire, organize, but also empower you. Because what a shame it would be if your talent could not be used right now.


We push your limits. Don't think in boxes, but occasionally color outside the lines. You need those people too ;)


Are you ready to really discover and use your talent? bring on your talent!

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