Get to work with your talent in a Business Shake

Want to boost your resume while working at a company for one day? You can do it in a Business Shake!


A business shake lasts a whole day, and within that day we will solve the question of the company. Therefore, it is an opportunity for you to show what you can do. But not only that, because it is also an opportunity to learn a lot.


There is no company that has everything 100% in place. Every company has its own challenges. During a Business Shake, you will solve one of these challenges! Together with other talents from our community and under the guidance of an expert, you will work towards a solution via the 'design thinking' method.


Now you might think... but how does this boost my CV?


First of all, you will meet a lot of new people (aka NETWORKING!). Both the talents you do this with and the people from the company. You can use this experience everywhere in your daily life and on your CV of course! This can be for an internship, a committee, a board year, your job after your studies, but also for your private life.


Sometimes the company even has cool projects running through Lead Your Future so you can actually implement some of your solutions within the company!


This way you can say goodbye to your useless side job, and hello to related work experience next to your studies!


The best part is: you don't have to do a certain study for the Business Shake. This is different every time, because the questions are different from each other. The most important thing is to get insights from different angles and to use your talents.


On our events page you will always find the coolest business shakes and masterclasses. Would you like to participate in such a business shake? Make sure you act fast, because we only have a few spots per event.


Will we see you soon at one of our business shakes?