Business Shake - make work of your talent

A Business Shake is a chance for you to show what you can do. But not only that, because it is also a chance to learn a lot.


Business Shakes usually last a day and are an asset to both you and the company. There is no company that has everything 100% in order. Every company has its own issues. During a Business Shake, you will solve one of these issues! Together with other talents from our community, you will work towards a solution via the 'design thinking' method. 


What's in it for you?

First of all, you get to know a lot of new people (aka NETWORKING!). Both the talents you are doing this with and the people from the company. You already get a taste of the business world. It also looks great on your CV to have done something like this. You can also use this experience in your daily life. This could be for an internship, a committee, a board year, your job after graduation, but also for your private life. Sometimes you are lucky and the company is looking for (an) intern(s). Here the Business Shake is a good way to see who would be an asset to their company. Sometimes they also give away an internship afterwards.


It is not often that you get this opportunity, it is a looked forward to chance to orient yourself in the job market. You do not have to do a particular study for the Business Shake. This is different every time because the issues are different. So also fill out your profile on the Lead Your Future platform and don't forget to add a social media link. This way you can be found more easily and who knows, you might be suitable for the Business Shake. Applying yourself is always more than welcome of course.



What participants are saying about the Business Shake: 

"Last March I was able to participate in the design sprint of Christine le Duc. I found it a great challenge to be allowed to work with them and think about a possible marketing direction. Brainstorming together with the CEO is an opportunity that doesn't come along quickly in a company of such status. I had the feeling that my insights were valued, which inspired me to think outside the box and sometimes put thoughts on the table that I normally would have been more reluctant to share. I really liked the guidance of LYF, which gave structure to the conversation and gave everyone a chance to have their say."  - Bonita (Christine le Duc)


"During the business shake, I learned how a scale-up wants to work together within departments and therefore where the pain points often lie. It was very instructive to look at the whole process and to see that where the problem of the company lies is not always the real problem, but that there are often underlying aspects. This is something that will definitely stay with me in my next projects and an approach that I want to use more often within my challenges. What is really nice about participating is that you are not seen as less but that you can really think along and work on a plan for the solution." - Anouk (Tony's Chocolonely)

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Interested in participating in one of our upcoming Business Shakes?


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Who knows, we might see you at the next Business Shake!



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