Masterclass How to make yourself stand out

Date: 01-12-2022
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Location: To Be Announced

Of course you want to stand out and be original, but you have to stay close to yourself. How do you do that? How do you distinguish yourself without exaggerating or pretending to be someone else?


We understand that this is difficult and that is why we have a Masterclass How to Make Yourself Stand Out! In this Masterclass a real expert will tell you how you can distinguish yourself. Think, for example, of creating a CV that stands out, giving a presentation that sticks, or dressing yourself in such a way that you stand out.


This Masterclass is super useful during your studies, work and for your personal life

After this Masterclass you will know:
✨ How you can distinguish yourself at work, such as your CV, motivation letter and job interview;
✨ How to leave a good impression without losing yourself;
✨ Which skills you need to distinguish yourself;
✨ What Personal branding is and how you can apply it!


Sounds good right? ?
Let's get started and check how YOU can distinguish yourself.


You can be there for only €10.


Soon you will be able to buy a ticket! Stay tuned!


Come alone or bring your friends!
You will meet a lot of cool girls during the event.