Masterclass Productivity - Time Management

Date: 21-09-2022 - 21-09-2022
Time: 18:45 - 21:00
Location: World Trade Center Rotterdam

This masterclass is given by Hannah Schloesser.

Here's your chance to get in charge of your schedule and to organize your life according to your needs. This applies not only for school and during projects, but also at work and in your private life. Super handy!


This productivity and time management masterclass will show you what you need to know about time management, and it will give you the right tools to maximize your productivity. Are you struggling with perfectionism or finding the right motivation? Then this workshop is PERFECT for you. 

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to reflect on your own time management and productivity habits, and discover ways in which you can optimize or change them.


Come and join us for this workshop to get in charge of your life and your schedule.


During this Masterclass you will learn:

✨ How to manage your time usefully;

✨ How you can become even more productive;

✨ How to get a grip on your agenda and make a good planning;

✨ And of course how you can actually use all these tips in practice!


For €10 you can join!

You snooze you lose... Give us a good reason why you shouldn't be here??


Ps: You can come with a friend or alone and meet lots of other Lead Your Future members.


The walk-in is from 18:30 and the Masterclass starts at 19:00.

Hope to see you there!!

Are you joining?