Kick-start your career and make an open application for a great project at a company!


Applying for a job is so 2020... That's why you can now kick-start your career via the Lead Your Future community by doing a cool project at a company. We want to know what you want to do and where your talents lie! Through an open application, we will take your CV with us and ensure a perfect match!

What does working in projects look like?

When we talk about projects, think of a project at companies in your field and area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. As a result, you no longer have to waste your time on that side job that does not provide you with relevant experience on your CV.


Your project has a clear goal and clear result that you have to deliver. You do this together with employees of the company, in addition to which you will of course receive the necessary support from us.


For example, for the first six months, we have a monthly master class in which we teach you skills that you need in the field, such as how to present yourself as a pro or how to efficiently approach your project. This way you really give your CV a boost!


We also connect you to other ambitious starting women in the Lead Your Future Community, allowing you to expand your network and exchange your experience. So you always have like-minded women around you, with whom you can of course also come to the cool events together.


Now you will think... Sounds great, but I don't have that much time next to my studies and part-time job. No problem! We offer you cool projects varying in hours, online and offline, so that it can be easily combined with your education. And that part-time job, you no longer need it because of course we pay you like a real young professional!


And when this project ends, you can of course always see if you can just get started at the company. If you want that of course ;)

If you apply for a job, you do so in the Lead Your Future CV format! On the page you will find more information about this!

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