Tech Talk - Challenge with Parya Lofti

Datum: 25-01-2024
Tijd: 18:00 - 21:00
Locatie: Amsterdam

Meet Parya Lofti on January 25th from 6:00-9:00 PM, an absolute rockstar in the world of tech and data analysis! With her brilliant spirit and great passion, she has played a crucial role at DuckDuckGoose, a company that stands for fighting deepfakes - the dangerous trend of misleading audio and video editing.


Not only has she developed an advanced algorithm to detect this threat, but she has also led educational initiatives to raise awareness and protect users. This is your great chance to learn from a real-life Digital Sheroe at our upcoming event on January 25th! Be sure not to miss out on this!


During the event on January 25th, we will offer you the chance to listen to Parya Lofti, and we will also tackle a real problem in the tech industry! With our creative thinking session, we will start to address issues that are prevalent in this field. This is your chance to use your own skills and ideas to come up with innovative solutions. If you are interested in technology, creative thinking, and making a difference, be sure to be there on January 25th. Together, we can shape and lead the future!


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After this event, you will not only be inspired and motivated by the insights and information from Parya Lofti, but you will also build new and amazing network and connections within the tech industry.