How to work on your career during quarantine?

Were you just starting to find a new job? Are you almost graduating and do you want to start looking for a starter position? Or do you need to find an internship for the next school year? 


This quarantaine period makes it a bit more difficult now for you: companies are working from home and job interviews are postponed. Everybody is working hard to survive and think about new business models and ideas to work on. That's where your talents is important! 

So no reason for you to work on the next steps in your career when you are at home. We came up with 3 ways to give your career a boost! 


# 1 Optimize your LinkedIn profile! There are all kinds of tricks you can apply to make your profile easier to find. (let us know by email if you want us to share these tricks with you). 


# 2 Improve your application skills! In our posts won Instagram and this website we gave some nice tips & tricks. Read blogs and watch online videos with tips and tricks on applying for jobs. This way you learn a lot of new things that you can apply immediately when you are apply. 


# 3 Think about how you can be of value to a business right now! Can your talent help the company where you want to work to get through this difficult time? Send your resume and motivation letter with that reason. That is really an introduction! 


Good luck! Go get it!