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Lead Your Future is the female community that helps you as a student to kick-start your career! Work on your CV through (side) jobs and the Lead Your Future academy, develop your network and meet ambitious girls.

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Because let's be honest. Soon we will all (hopefully) have a diploma, but how do you distinguish yourself from others? How do you meet the vacancy requirement "minimum 5 years work experience"? And how do you determine the direction of your career? We help kick-start your career by:

  • Side jobs and jobs with interesting companies with 6x free master classes from the Lead Your Future academy
  • Solving a business issue together in one day with your talent!
  • Teach you what your talents are, how to use them and communicate them to others.
  • Master classes and events
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These talents already started

During my part-time job I worked on a communication and recruitment plan. Together with a communications expert, I conducted a survey and drew up a communications recruitment plan based on the results. Working in a real company gave me a concrete picture of what I can do with my education and where my talents lie!



With Lead Your Future you end up in a warm bath, and that's also how I felt at Medux. So far I have learned how to work as efficiently as possible with limited time. I also learn a lot about the opportunities that different employers offer. I didn't know Campus Recruitment before, but now it's impossible to imagine life without it.



I really enjoyed the masterclass! Dealing with a company and its problems and finding solutions and suggestions through clever strategies was not only a lot of fun, but also inspiring. It was great to see how a couple of smart, innovative young women came up with such great results in such a short time!



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