Would you like to get a grip on your company's talent pipeline? As far as we're concerned, you can't start early enough as a company to investigate what future talent can do for you.


Are you curious about the possibilities to get in touch with young female talent? This can be done in many different ways!


Project support
Do you have cool projects in which you can use the insights of next-gen? Via Lead Your Future you can have these projects completed for a period of 6 months.


During this period we guide the talents and train them with the skills they need to become a real future proof professional!


The projects can vary in hours and duration! Are you curious what such a project looks like within your company? Then contact us!

Business Shake (pressure cooking session)
The way to solve your business issues through innovation with young ambitious talents. This methodology gives companies the opportunity to gain insight into the knowledge, vision and skills of talents, besides that the solution is immediately applicable in your company.


The talents of the Lead Your Future community will solve a business issue or idea together with your team. All this under the supervision of a senior facilitator who constructively brings together the experience of your team and the new knowledge, creativity and pragmatics of the young talents.


The business shake lasts a whole day in which we go from question to solutions. During this day, the employees and the talents work together and this way you as a company can also get to know new talent! What such a day looks like? View the infographic below and get an idea of ​​the day!


To reinforce the results of the Business Shake, it is possible to deploy young professionals through the projects to realize the solutions for your company! So a real win-win!

Infographics (2)

The Lead Your Future membership
The way to showcase your company! With the Lead Your Future membership, your company will be placed within our platform, including role models from your company. This way our talents can get in touch with your company in an informal way!


Partnering with Lead Your Future is therefore the way to be connected with future talent 24/7. Together with us, offer them a clear picture of their career path and the challenges they will encounter.


Tell about your company and give masterclasses. Participate in talent events we organize, let our community help you with cool projects, and make yourself known as a company on our online talent platform. 


And if you really dare, you will expose your buttocks together with the talents from our community during our Business Shake. From problem to solution in 1 day together with the skills and fresh perspective of NextGen talent! To which they can implement the solutions for your company in a cool project!


Interested? Contact us about what we can do for your company! Mail to