Schools and companies: 

You make the difference! In general, schools and companies are extremely important for the personal and general development of young women. Especially when it comes to researching and developing their qualities and talents.

Bedrijven kunnen jonge vrouwen helpen en invloed uitoefenen bij het maken van hun profielkeuze door rolmodellen te laten vertellen over hun baan en carrière pad-2

It is therefore essential to offer them good tools to get to know themselves even better and to experience what they can do with all their ambition. Outlining the broadest possible perspective of possibilities for the future is therefore essential. Not only for sectors that they now appeal to, but also in (niche) sectors that they are not yet familiar with. An excellent opportunity for everyone! Who says no to that!


Role of schools in talent development

The educational institutions in the Netherlands are an important player for young female talent. They contribute to a large extent to teaching women at a younger age how to take control of their own future. In addition to education and providing a sounding board for their questions, they are extremely important in allowing them to explore what their talents are and how they can develop them themselves.


To support schools in this, Lead Your Future has developed the 'Lead Your Talent workshop'. This workshop supports the young women in their professional orientation and provides them with concrete results, namely:


  • Imaging about their own talent
  • Two reports about their interests and talents
  • Handle to have the conversation with their parents about her talent
  • Inspiration for choosing a further education
  • Own network


Interested? Download the factsheet here or let us know if you want to explore what we can do for your school.


Role of companies in talent development

You can't start early enough as a company to explore what future talent can do for you. It makes sense to link your company's role models to young talented women from high school. This way you cash in on the chance to catch their sights early. Extra useful if you work as a company in sectors such as ICT & technology, healthcare, education, finance or logistics. So step into the world of talent!

LinkedIn berichten-2

Partnering with Lead Your Future is therefore the way to be connected with future talent 24/7. Together with us, offer them a clear picture of their career path and the challenges they will encounter. Tell about your company and give masterclasses. Participate in talent events that we organize and make yourself known as a company on our online talent platform. And if you really dare, you will expose your buttocks during our Business Shake together with the talents from our community. From problem to solution in 1 day together with the skills and fresh perspective of NextGen talent! Give them the opportunity to choose your company early!


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