Three suggestions to apply for your dream internship!

Starting an internship and successfully completing it has a major impact on your further career.  This way, you will find out for yourself which companies or businesses suit you or not. After all, it counts on your resume as work experience!


Before you start an internship, you must of course first apply. We have listed three special suggestions for you, so that you rock that job interview!


1. Immerse yourself in the company

Companies will ask you questions such as "what do you expect from the internship?" and “why did you choose our company?”. A strong substantive response from your side will certainly leave a good impression. Also dare to ask questions to show your curiosity and your sincere motivation.


2. Pay attention to your presentation

We understand if you are a little nervous about a job interview. Nevertheless, it is good to be aware of this and to pay attention to your presentation. Give a good handshake, look the person  in the eye, and keep an open attitude during the conversation.


3. Finish your interview professionally

This advice is often forgotten! After the interview, make sure you ask politely how the interview went. This way you show that you are really interested in the internship and that you want to learn. Good luck applying! And if you have any ultimate application tips, please let us know on Instagram.